2017 XTREME EDITION 2: Thabang Childrens Project | Little Eden Society

Yes, they were actually crazy enough to do it again! And this year it turned out to be more like a triathlon than a cycle challenge, with cyclists literally climbing mountains and swimming through rivers with their bikes in the air! Heavy rainfall during the preceding weeks resulted in the already terrible road surfaces faced on day 2 being almost completely non existant and the new route that had cyclists climbing over and then down the escarpment on day 3 posed a bigger challenge than anyone could have predicted.


2016 XTREME EDITION: Johannesburg Hospital School | Vita Nova Center

The Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge is exactly that. Intended to test a cyclist’s ability to handle extreme conditions, murderous climbs, terrifying down-hills and grueling distances on terrible roads, all at high altitude which in itself creates its own challenges such as lack of oxygen, loss of appetite, less than optimal performance and slower recovery. All this already makes this a unique event that is definitely not for the weak or the faint hearted. And then it was decided that we should push the limits even more… Presenting: The Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge 2016 Xtreme Edition!


2015: Sunshine Association | Pathways Roodepoort | Smile Foundation

2015 sees the 4th rendition of this amazing cycling event. This year we had the privilege of hosting 40 dedicated cyclists and a couple of “in the closet” cyclists disguised as back up team.

What makes this cycle challenge unique is the fact that it takes place at extremely high altitudes, the highest point above sea level on route being 11 000 feet, effecting not only performance levels due to lack of oxygen but also recovery time and dehydration rates. As always, extremely steep gradients, poor road conditions and constant temperature variations took their toll on body and mind, but the awe-inspiriting beauty of the Lesotho landscape rewards perseverance time and time again!


2014: Sunshine Association | 94.7 Hear for Life Trust | Smile Foundation

"Attitudes are contagious and Trollope’s is worth catching"  - Dawie Becker

Yes we did it again! Following the success of the previous two years, the team at Trollope Mining Services decided to take on the epic challenge of cycling across the mountainous landscape of Lesotho in the name of charity for a third time, and with great success!


2013: Dimension Data e-learning

Following the success of the first Trollope Mining Services Lesotho High Altitude Challenge in 2012, the Company decided to take on the mountains of Lesotho for a second time!


2012: Little Fighters Cancer Trust

The TMS Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge has not left a single individual involved untouched and the experience proved to be as rewarding for everybody taking part in the challenge as for the families and children who will benefit from the funds raised.




2013: Saffola Primary

Once again our annual Trollope Mining Services Golf Day, held at the Kempton Park Golf Club on the 5th of September, turned out to be a huge success with the final amount raised trumping our previous efforts whilst loads of fun was had by all!


2012: Thabang Children’s Project

The 2012 Trollope Mining Services golf day was held at the Kempton Park Golf Club on Thursday the 11th of October. The aim was to raise more money than the golf day held in 2010, while having a lot of fun in the process!


2010: Abraham Kriel Childcare

In September 2010, Trollope Mining Services hosted their first golf day in support of Abraham Kriel Childcare. The day was held at the Kempton Park Golf Club and proved to be a lot of fun!




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